Insurance costs rise six-fold

Flooding on the southside has been an ever-present problem
Flooding on the southside has been an ever-present problem

A Crookfur resident has slammed East Ren Council claiming their failures and duty of care to residents has caused massive insurance rises.

The resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, has received an insurance renewal notice from Direct Line which has jumped from £256.20 last year to £1429.52 this year solely as a result of the increased flood risk.

It has been claimed the council have failed to properly carry out a full risk assessment as per their own planning guidelines.

The Newton Mearns Residents Flood Prevention Group remain unhappy with proposals for both surface water and sewer drainage.

They are of the opinion that the proposals are non-compliant with national and local planning policy and say the developers have been unable to demonstrate that there will be no increase in offsite watercourse and sewer flooding.

A spokesman for the group said: “East Renfrewshire Council advise in the Handling Report for the Planning Applications Committee that they are happy with the proposals and are recommending approval of the plans at tomorrow’s meeting. This application is nowhere near the stage where it can be approved.

“The fact that one resident who lives in a home which has never flooded and is 100m away from the river is being told his premiums will rise six-fold, proves there is a major problem here.

“We may soon get to a position where some residents will not be in a position to insure their homes, either because of the astronomical cost of premiums, or, because insurers will refuse to offer policies due to the unnaceptable risk.”

East Ren MSP Jackson Carlaw has spoken out saying: “The Planning Committee must suspend any consideration of the Maidenhill development until we have clarity that sufficient plans are in place to deal with the concerns on sewerage and drainage capability.

“These are not just local concerns but ones that the Cabinet Secretary has noted are “extremely important” and she has undertaken to take a detailed look at the plans.

“It would be hot headed to grant this application full planning permission while we await a ministerial response.”

A council spokesperson said: “The Council and Scottish Water liaise regularly regarding watercourses, surface water and foul drainage.

“We regularly inspect watercourses and when heavy rain is forecast to ensure that all grills are clear of debris.

“Discussions are also ongoing with Scottish Water regarding improvements being made to its wider foul water drainage network in the area for which they are responsible.

“In relation to the Maidenhill proposal, as part of any planning application for a major development a drainage strategy report is prepared by a specialist hydrologist to outline how surface water run-off will be managed. The necessary checks are then carried out to ensure the proposed measures comply with the Council’s requirements in our role as Flood Prevention Authority. Officers are satisfied that the proposals put forward, will control surface water run-off rates at the required level. This application has been rigorously assessed by planning officers and are reflected in the Report of Handling which will be considered by Elected Members at the Planning Committee on Friday 2 June. It will be for Elected Members to decide the outcome of this application.

“In relation to the sewage system it is also important to stress that, in its role as a statutory consultee, Scottish Water has not objected to the planning application.”