Go Newton Mearns project hits the streets

A new transport information service with a focus on healthier, environmentally-friendly travel has been launched in East Renfrewshire.

More than 5,300 households are invited to take part over the new few weeks, with travel advisors — in uniform and carrying ID badges — knocking on doors to speak to residents about local transport options.

Information packs will also be offered to residents, with advice on leisure and recreational walking and cycling opportunities nearby.

Councillor Tony Buchanan, convener for infrastructure and sustainable growth, said: “We are keen to let people know about the different transport choices they can access — we’re certainly not trying to tell people what to do, just to encourage them to explore the options they have by giving them the most up-to-date information available.

“We have a good public transport network in East Renfrewshire plus we have been improving cycle paths and footways, and advisors will be able to let people know what’s out there.”

The project is funded by Paths for All on behalf of Transport Scotland, as part of the Smarter Choices, Smarter Places initiative.

As reported in The Extra, the project is also linked to a new bike path near Capilrig Burn — given the green light in a bid to get young cyclists in particular away from main roads.

The plan hit headlines last month as Newton Mearns neighbours complained about a lack of consultation — one resident commented: “A leaflet was posted through a few doors, poorly outlining plans.

“Anti-social behaviour in the woodland is rife, and I also have concerns about the environmental destruction, for the creation of a path which no resident asked for.”

An ERC spokeswoman responded that the council “hope to stress the benefits of the pathway and the wider project.”

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