Friends call for more park resources

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PLANS to improve Queen’s Park are being pushed ahead — but there’s a long way to go, according to the new Friends group.

The Friends of Queen’s Park group was re-established last year as residents rallied to improve their green space.

According to organiser Tony Halifax, Queen’s Park is “still greatly underresourced”.

Following a public meeting with Glasgow city council’s parks manager Jack Devine, Tony told The Extra: “The Glasgow Community Reparation Service has agreed to clean and paint the park railings, and GCC has said it will renew the Victoria Road gate from the 2013/14 budget.

“We welcome the suggestion of more bins and benches. But we’ve said that the bins should be bird-proof. People stack rubbish next to the bins, because they just aren’t big enough to accomodate it — and then the birds get into it and we’re left with a mess.”

The group meets again on August 20, at Langside Hall, and will leaflet at the September 21 farmers market.

Meanwhile, bailie James Scanlon has received confirmation that the red algae covering Queen’s Park pond is non-toxic.

The southside central councillor contacted land and environmental services following an Extra story about a three-year-old falling in.

The response states: “The red scum is Eugiena Sangieas, an algal growth that is not known to produce toxins.

“Our conservation team will test water samples for Cyanobacteria or blue-green algae, as this can produce toxins — if these samples come back indicating blue-green algal presence, warning signs will be put in place.”