Eyes peeled for spring flowers

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SOUTHSIDERS are asked to keep their eyes open if they go down to the woods today.

The Woodland Trust Scotland is calling for the public to record sightings of bluebells – a sign of spring – as the native flowers are being spotted even earlier each year.

The conservation group is investigating whether the mild winter, cold spell in February and unseasonally warm week in March could be affecting flowering dates, which are the earliest they’ve been for over 10 years.

The average date for 2011 was April 24 – and now, the public can help with findings for 2012, by using the VisitWoods website.

Carol Evans, Woodland Trust Scotland director, explained: “The bluebell is a quintessential sign of spring and we need the public to visit woodlands and discover when they are appearing so we can track their arrival”.

To find your nearest bluebell wood or to mark up your findings, go to www.visitwoods.org.uk/bluebells.