East Ren dog owners urged to use public litter bins

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A Netherlee resident has issued an appeal to dog walkers to use public bins when cleaning up after their pets.

Pensioner Jan Miller recently returned home from six weeks in hospital, following treatment for an MRSA infection.

There, she found that walkers from a nearby park have been using her bin to dispose of dog mess — bags of which were stuck to the bottom.

She told The Extra: “Without fail, if I go out to put something into the bin, someone will have beaten me to it.

“I would not touch it, especially as I haven’t been well. This week I just thought: why should I put up with this?”

Mrs Miller added that neighbours have also complained, and said: “Nobody likes it — how would they like to open their bin and come across it? I was a dog owner myself, but I would never had done that to someone else’s bin.”

Dog fouling remains a contentious issue and this week, one resident wrote to The Extra stating: “I’m not aware that the public has been informed that ordinary litter bins on the streets in East Ren should be used to deposit dog mess, properly bagged and tied of course.”

An East Renfrewshire Council spokesman responded: “The distribution of designated dog bins was stopped over five years ago and people are encouraged to put their dog deposit bags in [public] litter bins.”

He added: “In an effort to combat dog fouling, the parks department has recently introduced a dog warden — his remit is to patrol the area’s parks, pitches and cemeteries.”