Dog fouling fine?

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MORE than 600 dog fouling fines have been handed out by Glasgow city council in the past year — but some southsiders believe more needs to be done.

Figures released by Clean Glasgow this week show that 637 fines have been issued in the last 12 months, along with a further 11,590 warning letters sent out to streets and closes where suspects caught on CCTV live.

The scheme has prompted a 68 per cent rise in calls to the council identifying problem areas or culprits, who face a £40 fine if caught – rising to £60 in unpaid within 28 days.

Reader reaction to the latest figures is mixed.

On Twitter, Dougie Wilson told The Extra: “Yes, there has been an improvement. I hope it continues – dog owners must take responsibility”.

On Facebook, Lisa Peebles disagreed, commenting: “Honestly, I see no difference. I am all for fines for all sorts of detritus lefts on the streets, but if they don’t get paid, what is the point? I’d be interested to know how many of the fines issued have been paid”.

A GCC spokesman responded: “Historically, penalties were difficult to collect. However, under this current campaign we have passed any unpaid to our debt recovery agents, so ignoring the charge just won’t work”.

GCC were unable to supply the figure of fines actually paid at the time of going to press.

The problem continues to plague East Ren residents too, as Marion Davren commented: “At Waterfoot Bank walkway it’s disgusting – people just bring their dogs, let them do it anywhere and then kids play there. I have never seen a warden”.

Lynda Chisholm added: “The fines are nothing new — what is irritating is not seeing any difference.

“We have been living in Asia for seven years and going home to Clarkston every year, and we’re very aware of the lack of cleanliness — each visit home seems worse than the last”.

Responding yesterday, an ERC spokeswoman told The Extra: “This is not an area that we have received any dog fouling complaints for. Now we have been alerted to a problem in this area, community wardens are visiting it today.

“From January to date this year, we have issued 41 fixed penalty notices. It’s important that locals use our ring and report helpline to report any dog fouling issues, as information gathered is used to target patrol areas for community wardens”.

Anyone with information on irresponsible dog owners is asked to call Clean Glasgow on 0800 027 7027 or ERC’s dog warden service on 0800 013 0076.