Dispute over bid on club grounds

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Stamperland residents are at odds with Williamwood Golf Club over a proposal to sell on land for a flat development.

In an open letter to the club, campaigners complain about plans to sell a portion of land to developers for a flat complex.

The letter reads: “We appreciate that in this economic climate, the opportunity to inject fresh funds into the club must be tempting; however we hope you will listen to very real concerns and objection...the negative impact on the community, the environment and the club itself would wipe out any short-term financial gain.”

Signed ‘residents and business owners of Stamperland’, the letter argues that the land currently forms a safety barrier against wayward golf balls, and that the development would detract from green belt land.

Resident Ellie Murphy told The Extra: “We want to make sure the club knows that the wider community is interested and concerned.

“In just one weekend, 80 people have signed. This provides a very good indication of strength of feeling and I hope that it will go some way to convincing others that the sale is not a good idea.”

Williamwood Golf Club declined to comment until members had voted, with a meeting taking place as The Extra went to press.

Update: protesters have been informed that Williamwood Golf Club voted against the proposal to sell land for development.