Cause of Giffnock water woe is unclear

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GIFFNOCK residents were last week affected by a mystery water fault which caused discolouration in their tap water.

According to chair of Giffnock community council Savio D’Souza, a number of streets were affected in the G46 area, including Orchard Park Avenue, Moorburn Avenue and Orchard Drive. Facebook follower Karen Minnery added that the same fault had occurred on Inglestone Avenue.

Mr D’Souza told The Extra: “A number of residents were affected and elderly people who are visually impaired may not have realised that the water was brown.

“It has been difficult to find out whether there is a problem, or whether it occurred while a problem was being fixed.

“When you look at the Scottish Water website there is no obvious way to check — it would be useful if they highlighted areas affected by problems like this.”

Councillor Vincent Waters, environmental convener for East Renfrewshire council, responded, tweeting that Scottish Water was working nearby.

A Scottish Water spokesman confirmed that a trial water main shut on Thornliebank Road (on February 20) could have caused temporary discolouration, but commented that the matter “has long since been resolved”.

He added that leakage detection work in Giffnock Park Avenue and Burnfield Avenue on February 24 and 26 could also have caused discolouration, but that it was unlikely to have reached the reported streets.

The water board spokesman said: “If any customer has discoloured water, they should run the cold water tap in their kitchen until the water runs clear.

“If this doesn’t happen or customers need any information or advice, they can contact Scottish Water on 0845 6018855 or on Twitter, via @scottish_water or @SWMarkMaclaren.”