Canine owners in the doghouse over fouling

Dog owners told to clear fouling from cemeteries
Dog owners told to clear fouling from cemeteries

A southside reader is heartbroken with the condition of Eastwood cemetery where she laid her husband to rest.

Mrs Alexandra Thompson (77) of Merrycroft Avenue in Giffnock told us she is distraught every time she visits her husband William’s grave with the lack of attention afforded the cemetery grounds by Glasgow City Council.

One of her main complaints is the amount of fouling by dogs which are being permitted to use the cemetery as somewhere to run off the lead.

Mrs Thompson told The Extra: “Every time I visit I have to keep my eyes on the ground for fear of stepping in dog dirt. It’s disgusting. A cemetery is no place to exercise dogs and owners who are using it for this purpose should be ashamed of themselves - they don’t even have the decency to pick up after their pets.”

Mrs Thompson also pointed out that the amount of litter which nobody collects just blows aimlessly around leaving the place looking like a tip.

She also raised some concerns over the state of some of the headstones which are in a ‘terrible state’.

We raised these concerns with the council who commented: “Dogs are permitted in our cemeteries provided they are on an appropriate lead of not more than two metres in length. Responsible dog owners should pick up their dog waste – whether in a cemetery or on the street – and dispose of it appropriately. The public can report any litter or dog fouling issues through myGlasgow app or the Clean Glasgow hotline – 03003437027.

“Community Safety Glasgow carry out patrols at cemeteries throughout the city, and we have asked them to pay special attention to Eastwood New in the forthcoming weeks.

“Regular litter checks are carried out in all our 32 cemeteries however, it may be that the problem is more evident following the recent windy conditions with windblown litter.

“Memorials are in the ownership of each individual lair owner and, as such, the maintenance and up keep of memorial is the responsibility of the lair owner.”