CALA accused of disregard for safety

Wheel washers like these are designed to keep roads clear for mud and debris
Wheel washers like these are designed to keep roads clear for mud and debris

Home builders have come under fire from an Extra reader who claims they are ignoring safety at a site in Newton Mearns.

Ian Cumming contacted us about CALA Homes’s Capelrig Road development, asking for an explanation over their attitude to road safety.

In November last year CALA were served with an enforcement notice by East Renfrewshire Council, requiring them to keep roads in the area clean.

However, Mr Cumming said: “Perhaps their sales and marketing director might care to explain the constant mess they are inflicting on users of Capelrig Road.

“Since last July, when they started building, CALA have been in breach of their planning consent by failing to clean lorries coming out of the site. That is required because depositing mud on the road is an offence since it causes a danger to road users.

“CALA are simply ignoring the enforcement notice.”

An East Renfrewshire Council spokesperson said: “We are aware of an ongoing issue relating to this development and are in discussions with senior management at CALA to seek a resolution as soon as possible.”

A CALA Homes (West) spokesperson said: “We are committed to ensuring the construction of our development just off Capelrig Road is managed to a very high standard. We have a strict wheel cleaning strategy in place for vehicles leaving the site and daily road brush cleaners on Capelrig Road to ensure any debris is removed as quickly as possible.

“Our onsite project managers are closely managing this process to ensure minimal disruption and inconvenience to the community.”