Bus stop removal angers residents

Langside Avenue bus stop location
Langside Avenue bus stop location

The removal of a well-used bus stop on Langside Avenue has angered residents so much, that they’ve created a petition.

Bus stop number 60902610 (who knew they were numbered?) located at Langside Monument was removed by Glasgow City Council with no warning whatsoever.

Local resident Brian Connelly contacted The Extra to alert us to the plight of those who used it on a regular basis, and who are now having to walk along Battlefield to the next available stop.

He said: “There was no warning this was about to happen, it was there one day and gone the next. It was a popular stop for the elderly and handy for the local area. Nobody has a clue why they’ve removed it. It just seems nobody is listening to our concerns.”

A spokesperson for Glasgow City Council said: “As part of a project to encourage sustainable travel to the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital (QEUH), the council carried out a review of bus services to the hospital and found that the eastbound bus stop at Langside Monument was located very close to the roundabout resulting in buses having difficulty getting into the ahead lane from the left hand turn lane. The stop was also located on a hill with limited visibility for bus drivers to see approaching traffic.

“There were no objections to the removal of the bus stop during the consultation period and in order to serve the area around Langside Monument, the council relocated the bus stop on Battlefield Road opposite Sinclair Drive, up the hill to Battlefield Road opposite Overdale Avenue.

It is regrettable that some passengers have been inconvenienced by the changes but is felt that the proposals benefit the majority of people in the local area whilst meeting our aspirations to encourage bus use by reducing journey times and increasing reliability.