Braidbar developer is outed by FOI enquiry

Braidbar Quarry. ERC forced to divulge who developer was.
Braidbar Quarry. ERC forced to divulge who developer was.

The “secret” company that wants to build homes on the controversial Braidbar Quarry in Giffnock has been forced into the open.

In October, The Extra revealed hush-hush talks had taken place between East Ren officials and an un-named developer.

The council would not identify the company involved but has now been forced to do so after a local resident won a review under the Freedom of Information Act.

With the council required to publish emails for the first time, Bellshill-based Advance Construction has emerged as the firm at the centre of discussions.

One email from a council official shows that in addition to developing the Giffnock North site for housing, the £150 million-a-year company wants to acquire all the land at Braidbar Quarry owned by the council.

The same communication confirms this would prove “controversial” because the sale of land there is not contained in the Local Plan.

Nine years ago, housebuilders Macdonald Estates tried to overcome the ground instability problem at Braidbar by injecting two million cubic metres of material underground.

The plan would require the adjoining Huntly Park to be closed for two years, to act as a ‘reservoir’ for 800,000 cubic metres of water that would have to be pumped to the surface.

Local residents mounted a high-profile campaign opposing the plan. Now, they may be forced to act again.

A spokesman for the council said: Our planning officers have informal discussions on a regular basis with a wide range of developers and customers. There is no legal requirement to record such discussions. However, if any developer asks for a written record of a meeting then we would of course provide this.”