Battle of the plants

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BATTLEFIELD is slowly but surely going green.

Residents may already be taking advantage of the community project garden on the corner of Ledard Road and Arundel Drive created by a group of like-minded residents – but there’s more to come, as multiple organisations strive to spruce up the David Cargill centre nearby.

Visitors to the community hub – also home to the Glasgow Old People’s Welfare Association – may have noticed a few changes recently, with planters springing up along the concreted sides of the building.

The environmental makeover is the work of southside-based Urban Roots and social care enterprise Fair Deal, who have been working with a band of disabled service users to spruce up Battlefield.

Leading the social and leisure activity group is Urban Roots’ Stuart Minnis, who told The Extra: “As an organisation, we’re trying to get communities on board with projects which encourage them to grow their own food – to think about their environment and about healthy eating.

“The gardening group has been planting fruit trees, making beds and planting flowers to encourage more wildlife in.

“We’re just trying to make the centre – and the whole area – look better, and encourage more residents to come inside and be involved.”

Seasonal spoils coming soon to Battlefield residents include cherries, plums and raspberries – and they’re all yours for the picking.

Stuart explained: “Fair Deal has already secured funding for a garden, so that centre users can sit outside during the summer.”

Stuart’s gardening group is open to anyone with a disability – but anyone willing to volunteer for the gardening project is welcome too, and he added: “It’s an ongoing project to pull everyone in and make positive changes to their own neighbourhood.”

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