A decade of caring in East Renfrewshire

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An organisation which may never have seen the light of day has gone on to celebrate the landmark of its 10th birthday.

East Renfrewshire Good Causes was founded by a man who cheated death – then vowed to make a difference in his own community after a double transplant proved to be a resounding success.

That man is Russell Macmillan (52), of Newton Mearns, who, in addition, will not let the fact that he is registered blind to stand in the way of caring.

Russell’s transplants cured both his Type 1 Diabetes and the kidney failure it caused.

He said: “This charity is powered by the two organs and guided by my personal Christian faith.

“It’s been my way of saying thanks to God for my second gift of life and honouring the memory of the sadly deceased organ donor.

“Every one of the 1780 people helped so far is only possible to the organs living on and powering my efforts – which along with a few trusted friends – has totally surpassed my expectations.”

The charity has parted with £330,061 in direct spend – and in parting with £600,000 worth of goods for those in need.

A recent round-up of such goods includes the supply of basic household items for a young person with Aspergers to help them maintain their first tenancy – and a sizeable supply of toiletries were also given to a homeless unit.

Supermarket vouchers have been dished out to the needy.

Plus a comfortable mattress was handed over for a patient undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Free transport was also recently provided for a scheme where pupils visit a care home and share their chat with the residents.

Russell stressed: “Without those donated organs and a divinely inspired business plan, this charity would not exist today.

“I would like to pass on my genuine thanks to the hundreds of supporters who help us love our neighbours in East Renfrewshire.”