Enter the dragon for Chinese collaboration

Scott Miller stars in Dragon at the Citz ' photo courtesy of Pete Dibdin
Scott Miller stars in Dragon at the Citz ' photo courtesy of Pete Dibdin

NO WORDS needed at the Citz this week as Vox Motus, National Theatre of Scotland the Tianjin People’s Art Theatre co-present Dragon.

There’s no speaking in this production — and yet it’s geared towards all ages, recommended for ages nine and up.

The Tianjin contingent includes two physical artists from China, and there are plans to take the play east in the coming year.

But Dragon has its roots firmly in Glasgow, with writer Oliver Emanuel — hailing from the southside — basing the story on his own personal experiences.

His piece follows Tommy, who has had trouble sleeping since his mum died a year 

Life has gone from bad to worse, with his dad left grief-stricken, his big sister ignoring him and bullies circling ever closer in the playground.

But Tommy is set for an uplifting adventure when he meets a dragon able to burn up all the anger inside of him.

Unfortunately, mysterious fires are also springing up around Glasgow...

With no dialogue, the story is told through puppetry, illusion and original music — making it a theatrical event worth catching before the tour moves on.

Dragon runs at the Citizens Theatre from tomorrow (October 11) until the 19th, 7pm, plus a 2pm Sat mat. Tickets are £8-£14 (plus family options) from 429 0022 or www.citz.co.uk.