Enough’s enough say residents

Delays of parking reviews have East Renfrewshire residents and business owners frustrated and angry at council officials whom they accuse of dragging their feet.

Residents in Netherlee say they’re fed up being “fobbed off with false promises”.

Residents association spokeswoman Barbara Rourke warned tensions are rising in the area and people feel let down, particularly after news that Thornliebank is next in line for review, pushing Netherlee farther down the priority list.

Despite a written guarantee from environment head Andrew Corry to independent councillor Ralph Robertson promising Netherlee will be next in line, car owners say that’s just not good enough and are calling for the council “get a move on”.

The mum-of-two said: “We were urged to be patient as the first three areas for review would be Barrhead, Giffnock and Clarkston. We understand that there are far more shops and businesses in these areas that should take precedence. But the mood around Netherlee now is that we’ve waited long enough and it looks like we could be waiting another 18 months beforeanything is done about this.”

In certain streets, old restrictions remain forcing car owners to move their cars during the hours of 8-9.15am and 4.30-6.30pm, Monday to Saturday — or risk being fined on a daily basis at least £30 per ticket for parking near their own home.

Another Netherlee mum, who preferred not to be named, told The Extra: “It’s ridiculous. The bizarre scene on the streets is of mothers and fathers carrying their half-asleep children in pyjamas out of the house and into the car to park it in a restriction-free side street.”

An ERC spokeswoman said: “We originally planned to review certain areas together and others individually, with Clarkston and Busby together first, followed by Barrhead, then Giffnock and Thornliebank together.”

Cllr Robertson refuted the council’s claim, saying: “To say it was always the intention to do Thornliebank as it was part of the Giffnock review had never been mentioned at any meeting I have attended.

“The residents of Netherlee have been extremely badly informed and will feel completely let down by the council.

“For 18 months the residents of Netherlee have been very patient and suffered not being able to park outside their houses.”