Electric dreams

Council leader Gordon Matheson charges a car at one of Sustainable Glasgow's new sites.
Council leader Gordon Matheson charges a car at one of Sustainable Glasgow's new sites.
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BELLAHOUSTON Leisure Centre is now one of the filling stations for electric vehicles, as Sustainable Glasgow increases its Plugged in Places sites around the city.

Another of the fast chargers will be installed at Cowglen Road in Pollok, near Silverburn.

Overall the new sites, dotted around the city, will be able accomodate 22 cars at a time.

The new sites are in addition to the 34 charging points installed in Glasgow’s City Parking multi-storey car parks over the past year.

The sites are free to use and parking, while the vehicle is charging, is also free.

Glasgow city council received a grant of £215,000 from Transport Scotland to install charging points in the city, while the council funds the electricity.

Councillor Gordon Matheson, chair of Sustainable Glasgow and leader of Glasgow city council, said: “I’m delighted by the launch of these new electric vehicle charging points which add to our existing sites located in our multi-storey car parks.

“Glasgow city council is offering free charging and free parking at on-street charging points to encourage more environmentally friendly methods of transport.

“Electric vehicles help reduce air and noise pollution. Making Glasgow a more sustainable city makes it a more pleasant place to live which benefits residents, visitors and businesses alike.”

The chargers vary in capacity from 7kw to 22kw and 50kw and are activated by using a Charge Your Car ID card.

Motorists can either borrow one from the location’s reception, if the charger is at a manned site, or buy their own from Charge Your Car Ltd, which levies a one-off fee of £10.

Drivers can also use their own cables to plug in to free power in Glasgow.