Eight years for armed robber

A ROBBER who fired a shotgun during a raid has been jailed for eight years.

Kevin Sloane (28) admitted robbing the Martin McColls store on Mearns Road in Newton Mearns on November 2 last year and threatening to shoot two people.

Sloane and an accomplice made off with £5,705 during the raid.

They had entered the shop at 9am wearing masks and headed for the post office section.

Although the section was protected behind a secure, glass screen with a locked door, the two men blew the lock.

Sloane held the shotgun while his accomplice emptied the drawers of cash.

The pair made off in a van which was later abandoned.

However, Sloane left behind his photo ID driving licence, a rental agreement and his mask which had his DNA and the shotgun residue.

The court heard that Sloane, from Paisley, carried out the robbery to clear a drug debt.

Temporary judge John Morris QC told Sloane at the High Court in Edinburgh that he faced a lengthy sentence as the crime merited it and it would serve as a warning to others.