Your views: wake up call or needless fuss?

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A CONTROVERSIAL motion to trial a change in the school timetable has been knocked back by Glasgow city council.

Councillor Nina Baker made a proposal at last week’s full council meeting to shift the start time for fourth to sixth years from 9am to 10am, with a later finish.

Tegan Shankley, a 24-year-old saleswoman working in The Avenue, does not think this would be a good idea.

She told The Extra: “Pupils would get lazy. I am a morning person so I would have hated it if school started at 10am.

“I am always raring to go in the morning but lose motivation in the afternoon.”

Woodfarm-based carer Alison Tinney (26) is in favour of the move.

She said: “Anything which gets teens to be more productive is a good thing. If they get a lie in, they might work better. It is certainly worth trying out.”

Les Davidson is firmly against the proposal.

The 67-year-old retailer commented: “If it’s not broke, why fix it?

“There is absolutely no reason to change the policy as it is now.”

Nisha Madan, a 23-year-old team leader in sales who works in The Avenue added: “It’s a bad idea, pupils need to be taught discipline before they enter the real world.

“A change like this might make them lazy.”

Speaking on our Facebook page, reader Yvonne Sadlan added: “The idea definitely has merit, but as a parent this would wreak havoc on my working day.

“If anything, I would advocate earlier opening times with free breakfast clubs so that parents could drop their children off knowing they were safe and fed.

“The number of children that I see coming in each day having not had breakfast is appalling — surely a more pressing issue when we’re talking about productivity.”