Youngsters’ achievements recognised at award cermony

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25 children from Mearns after school care in Kirkhill Primary celebrated their achievements in an award ceremony last Friday.

Children in primary 1-4 received award badges for nature and environmental skills from recognising local eco systems, bugs and den-building.

Whilst primary 4-7 achieved award badges for creative cooking.

This included food and kitchen safety, menu planning, teamwork and planning preparing and presenting a 3 course meal for their parents.

Whilst other children received awards for personal fitness through running and football clubs organised, planned and led by primary 6 and 7 children learning skills in teamwork stamina FairPlay whilst keeping active.

The children’s involvement and participation informs the planning and calendar of events.

The badges arose from a conversation with children at Mearns primary who said they would like to do something challenging similar to brownies and scouts because they didn’t attend these clubs.

The children sat down and discussed what kind of badges they would like and what the content of the skills required should be to obtain a badge.

All projects badges are therefore different and reflect the ideas of the children in each project.