Whose lollipop lady is it anyway, sez dad

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Worried parents have appealed to East Renfrewshire Council to reinstall a traffic controller at a pedestrian crossing on Station Road, Busby.

They are angry that the lollipop lady who has helped people cross the road for many years has been relocated to Busby Primary School and hasn’t been replaced.

A council spokesman said: “The lollipop lady is still in service but she has been relocated.

“She has been moved from Station Road near the White Cart pub and restaurant.

“Now, she works on another crossing area close to Busby Primary, at the junction of Church Road and Hawthorn Road where there are no traffic lights or other road safety crossing equipment in 

However, residents remain concerned about the loss of patrol on Station Road.

“I can understand having to increase the lollipop presence at schools where there are cars jostling for position to drop off and pick up their kids”, said father-of-two John Wilson, “but there is still a need for help on Station 

“It’s a really dangerous section of the road with a stream of fast cars coming through from East Kilbride Road.

“And with lorries and artics speeding round the road to turn in to the garden suppliers nearby, I’ve almost been knocked down by them, let alone small children or wheelchair users, for example.

“I’m self-employed myself so I can take my kids across the road when I can.

“At other times, I was confident that the lollipop lady would be there to look after them — but she’s no longer there.”