Science matters for Busby brainiacs

Busby pupils show off their scientific findings to parents
Busby pupils show off their scientific findings to parents

Busby Primary pupils donned their personally-designed lab coats recently to prove that science matters.

The school held its annual Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) Week, and head teacher Sharon Hunter explained: “We’re hoping to inspire a new generation of scientists, mathematicians and engineers.

“We wanted our children to get a chance to learn life skills from experts and our parent council kindly added to our school budget to allow us to do this.”

Children from every class took part in the scienctific workshops, and the whole school paid a visit to the Glasgow Science Centre.

Parents were also involved, coming in to lend their expertise on topics like DNA, dam building, using microscopes, engineering and even designing rockets.

STEM Week organiser and P2/3 teacher Sandra Curran said: “Learners investigated microscopes, learned about extreme weather, talked to cardiologists about DNA and looked at the links between science and magic.”

STEM Week ended with a showcase to parents of all that the Busby youngsters had learned — including scientific experiments created by the P7s, with help from visiting professor Dr Susan Burr.