Science bites back!

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SCIENCE buffs at Hillpark secondary school are well prepared for a battle with the undead after a rather gory visit from Glasgow university’s Zombie Science Show.

The fourth, fifth and sixth year pupils were visited by Dr Austin, a theoretical zombiologist from Glasgow university, to discuss the scientific possibility of the walking dead existing.

One Hillpark pupil learns all about the perils of a zombie bite

One Hillpark pupil learns all about the perils of a zombie bite

The mysterious Dr Austin is the frontman of the spoof uni department the Zombie Institute for Theoretical Studies (ZITS), which tours the country with lectures designed to engage youngsters in science.

Brave volunteers took part in unusual challenges, including bashing a cauliflower in a demonstration on how to kill a zombie.

Biology teacher Alison Thyne said “The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the visit of zombiologist Dr Austin.

“His Zombie science show was a really fun way to make them think about how the body comes under attack and how it defends itself (even if it’s not really from zombies)”.

Still, it seems that if the apocalypse occurs when Halloween rolls around, Hillpark might just be the place to hide.

Meanwhile, pupils from Bellahouston Academy have been investigating the merits of their home city - and picking up a prize in the process.

The 15 hospitality students – all third, fourth and fifth year – joined other city schools in the city centre to participate in the Glasgow discovery trail and investigate job opportunities in the leisure, travel and tourism industries.

The group visited the Gallery of Modern Art, where teams produced an original piece of art, as well as The Lighthouse and the Radisson hotel, where they learn how to set a table for dinner.

The trail ended with a buffet lunch at city chambers, where the southside school was awarded overall winner of the challenge.

Teacher George Thomson told The Extra: “All the pupils enjoyed themselves, learned more about Glasgow and the hospitality industry and brought credit to the school with their excellent behaviour and enthusiastic participation in the activities”.

And Bellahouston wasn’t the only school to celebrate prizewinning this week, as Hutchesons’ grammar school celebrated a runner-up position at a British Red Cross competition.

Team members Alison Eadie, Sarra Levinson, Josh Lewis, Lena McCrae and Calum McIntosh competed against six other schools in the Justice and Fairness competition final in London.

The group were asked to show off their knowledge of humanitarian issues by submitting presentations, for which the southside school produced a DVD, sent a petition to politicians and uploaded a video on website YouTube.

Their prize includes a chance to visit the war crimes team at the foreign and commonwealth office in London, and teacher Calvin Clarke said: “The school is very proud of what the students have achieved.

“They have not only given up a lot of their time to raise awareness and take action on a very important issue but they’ve also been very innovative in the methods they have used.

“We’re all looking forward to coming to London again to meet the war crimes team at the FCO”.