School bell rings for class of ‘82 stragglers

Graham's starring role in school production
Graham's starring role in school production

The organiser of a school reunion is putting out a call for former pupils to complete the register.

Former pupils of Woodfarm High School in Robslee Road are soon to be comparing their O Level and Higher results from more than 30 years ago.

Almost 100 school leavers from the year of ‘82 will get together at the Busby Hotel on Friday, September 18 — but some former classmates are still absent from the roll call.

Graham Somerville has been working for a year to pull together the event.

He told The Extra: “I didn’t expect such an uptake for the idea. I’ve even got classmates who now live in Canada, Australia and New Zealand planning their homecoming trip to coincide with the get together.

“There are still some missing faces, though, and they may not be on facebook or have simply moved away.

“When I left school I moved to London where I joined the Metropolitan police, although I now live in Kent. I’d be delighted to welcome the families of ex-pupils and, of course, former teachers who can email me at or, if they have a Facebook account, then they can just ‘friend’ me if they want to come along.

The idea took off as the majority of ex pupils reached the 50-year-old milestone in their lives.

Some pupils having chosen to stay in their native Glasgow took up careers in accountancy, journalism and financial institutions whilst a good number moved away to much more exotic locations.

Graham added: “In 1982, it was unclear what way those pupils directions and career paths would turn but what is sure is on September 18, a good number of them will be reuniting and talking about the good old days whilst enjoying a champagne reception, buffet and good old fashioned school disco.”