Safety fears on the school run

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Parents at Carolside Primary have taken to social media to voice their concerns over road safety near the school.

The Parking Issues at Carolside Primary Facebook group has been active with complaints this week, and page creator and mum-of-two Elaine Barral describes the school run as an “obstacle course”.

She told The Extra: “Parents driving their kids to school are putting their own children and other people’s at risk. They are parking at the bus stop, across corners and in or around resident driveways.

“If cars are parked close or on the corners, the children can’t see to cross the road — the cars also drive at you and your children on the pavement.”

The group’s suggestions include the introduction of a no parking sign at the bus stop, as well as more double yellow lines around the school, the possibility of a one-way system and further enforcement from council wardens and police.

Carolside’s Parent Council have been informed and say they are keen to work with fellow parents, including setting up a sub group to tackle the issues.

Fed up residents living near Carolside primary have also joined the Facebook campaign.

Nicola Edgar — who has made multiple complaints to ERC — added: “My house is just a few car lengths from the pedestrian access to the playground, and cars are constantly parked across the road from my driveway and my neighbour’s. It makes manoeuvring out of our driveways very difficult.

“It’s a safety issue and, due to limited visibility and the amount of traffic, I think it’s an accident waiting to happen.”

Community cops are aware of the complaints, and were sent to Carolside primary yesterday (Wednesday) — inspector Alan Dickson added: “We are monitoring the situation, and would ask motorists to show a bit of consideration as to how they are driving.

“Road traffic mattersare better dealt with there and then — if someone has an issue, we’d ask them to contact us at the time on non-emergency number 101.”

An East Renfrewshire council spokeswoman said: “The safety of all children who attend our schools is of the utmost importance and we continually seek to work with parents. At Carolside the parent council has set up a specific group to suggest any improvements and will be reporting back over the coming weeks.”

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