Safer roads all around for Netherlee Primary

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Netherlee Primary Parent Council are celebrating safer streets all around the school as a second manned crossing becomes a permanent fixture.

The parent council’s idea to trial a second lollipop crossing at Linnpark Avenue was covered in The Extra in May — and chair Simon Cunningham is delighted to have won the argument with East Renfrewshire Council.

Then, Mr Cunningham told The Extra: “We still have a lot of work to do, but every step we’ve made is a step closer to enabling our children to travel to and from school safely.”

This week, he said: “The council weren’t planning to re-instate the lollipop man because they said not everyone used the crossing — but some did, and we argued that they’d be better spending the money wisely, and avoiding an accident.

“We won the fight and the crossing was back in action on the first day back at school .

“We’ve had positive feedback from all the parents, and our lollipop man has been kept busy.

“There are still issues. A lot of drivers come flying round the corner when he’s crossing — but the council have put up a sign at the junction, and the parent council and the school are very happy to see it become a permanent fixture.”

The roads around the primary school remain busy, and the parent council has asked drivers to remember that there is no entrance to the staff car park.

The warning to take care around Netherlee has been reiterated by campus cop PC David Cunningham, who issued a letter to parents for the new term, commenting: “Drivers are reminded that parking restrictions are placed around the school with a view to ensuring a safe environment for children, and to allow other road users freedom of movement. These restrictions should be complied with.

“Local police officers will be monitoring driver behaviour around schools over the coming weeks, and will take the appropriate action.”