Powering the Future at Science Centre

Powering the Future, Glasgow Science Centre
Powering the Future, Glasgow Science Centre

Visitors to Glasgow Science Centre can now feel the force of the wind in a hurricane booth, generate power in a dance-off and demonstrate nuclear fission by setting off a box of mouse traps.

The opening of the new £1.5m Powering the Future exhibition opens on December 10, shining a spotlight on science and technology and is expected to welcome more than 1.8 million visitors during its five-year life span.

Through a series of 60 fun and engaging exhibits visitors will be encouraged to consider how we can meet increasing energy demand reliably, at an acceptable economic and environmental cost.

Dr Stephen Breslin, chief executive of Glasgow Science Centre said: “As the world’s leaders meet in Paris to discuss Climate Change, we are launching Powering the Future – an exhibition that brings to life how relevant this global event is to each individual.

“Scotland is already demonstrating how renewable energy generation will play a vital role in our future power generation mix and this exhibition will help raise awareness of the energy challenges we are facing, the science behind power generation and the role that we all have in creating a sustainable energy future.

“The Powering The Future exhibition has taken years of planning and we are really excited that the time has come for us to open the exhibition to our visitors.

“It is one of the most ambitious exhibitions of its type ever staged in the UK and will help the public recognise the challenges we face with energy supply and the need for an energy mix.”