Police Scotland send Head of Forensics to investigate ‘attack’ at Busby Primary School

Busby Primary kids take on CSI in staged crime
Busby Primary kids take on CSI in staged crime

It was like a scene from CSI:NY as the white-coated pupils from Busby Primary busied themselves investigating a suspicious crime scene last week.

The pupils have been using forensic techniques to investigate a staged crime as part of their Science Technology Engineering and Maths (STEM) week studies.

On Monday morning the children entered the school to witness a crime scene. “The atmosphere was electric!” said Lorna Aitken, the Principal Teacher who organised and led the event. “The children could see the police tape surrounding a broken iPad and immediately began coming up with theories and questions. We called an assembly and David Cunningham, one of East Renfrewshire Schools ‘Campus Cops’ explained to them that a ‘pretend’ crime had taken place that he needed their help to solve it!”

The ‘crime’ saw children gaining insight from over 10 STEM ambassadors, including the head of forensics services in Scotland, Tom Nelson.

The CSI theme allowed each class to use science to investigate and find the culprit, with children from Primary One to Seven learning about fingerprinting, footwear marks, DNA, fibre analysis, interviewing suspects and taking statements. Alongside these skills the children heard from people working in medicine, research and science related jobs.

Sharon Hunter, Head Teacher said: “Our school is passionate about giving children the skills they need for learning, life and their future careers.”