OLA’s building blocks for the future

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PUPILS from Our Lady of the Annunciation primary caught the building bug while lending a hand to renowned architect Hanneke Scott van Wel.

The P6s and P7s were invited along to The Lighthouse by the architect ahead of Creating the Future — an international conference on architecture education for children and young people held in Helsinki in May.

Hanneke and her at Stone Opera team specialise in playful workshops and community events, all promoting the belief that architecture should be fun.

Michael Chromy, principal teacher at the Merrylee school, told The Extra: “Our Lady of the Annunciation pupils got the chance to be architects for a day by planning and actually building their own structures.

“Many of the decisions they had to make corresponded with the decisions architects have to make on a daily basis regarding design and function.”

Participating pupils Anna and Frances Rose added: “It was inspiring to learn about architecture and the experience we had made us think differently about the buildings around us.”

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