New sensory garden opens its doors at Croftcroighn Primary

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A sensory garden for the children of Croftcroighn Primary School has been officially unveiled.

The school’s headteacher, Margaret McFadden, contacted GRAHAM Construction requesting possible assistance in the regeneration of a particular area within the school campus which had fallen into disrepair due to its lack of suitability and design.

The school specialises in the education and support of primary and nursery children with a wide range of complex difficulties arising from learning, health, physical, sensory and communication difficulties.

Understanding the importance that a sensory garden would bring to the pupils, GRAHAM Construction has designed and created a tranquil outdoor space, especially adapted to suit the individual needs of the children who attend the school.

A winding path directs the children through the garden on a journey, filled with a variety of sensory experiences and activities, including a story-time gazebo and picnic area, providing a haven of calm and relaxation where needed.

Margaret McFadden, said: “We are absolutely thrilled with our new sensory garden. GRAHAM Construction has been so enthusiastic in its support of our school.

“As soon as I got in touch with the regional director, the GRAHAM team got on-side immediately; helping us to develop this fantastic facility.

“They have even created bespoke pieces of equipment for our learners which will enable them to develop their creativity, communication skills, physical and motor abilities and indeed their play skills.

“We are so pleased with our garden area and the fantastic opportunities this will provide for our pupils for many years to come.

“We cannot thank GRAHAM Construction enough – they have been real ‘Community Champions!’ ”

Gary Holmes, regional director at GRAHAM Construction, added: “We are delighted to offer this sensory garden to the pupils of Croftcroighn Primary School.

“Whilst we are undertaking major construction projects across the region, we’ll always look for opportunities to support the wider community.

“Our team have completed the garden within just a few short weeks and the end result has been incredible. We are very proud to be part of this project and hope it can continue to be an asset to the school for many years to come.”