New admission rules for East Ren schools

St Ninian's High School,  Giffnock
St Ninian's High School, Giffnock

East Ren Council have agreed to give priority to Catholic children looking for a school place to those who’ve been baptised.

A recent consultation is said bu the council to have had ‘overwhelming public support’.

Councillors have approved the changes to admissions arrangements for primary and secondary schools in East Renfrewshire by introducing a single set of school admissions criteria.

The changes, which will be introduced next month, will allow the council to meet the high demand for places from residents across the entire school estate, but in particular those seeking a place at a Roman Catholic school.

Following the decision at East Renfrewshire Council’s Education Committee, Councillor Elaine Green, Convener for Education, said: “The consultation process gathered more than 1,700 responses, with 72 per cent in favour of introducing these changes.

“I believe that these changes to admission arrangements will allow us to continue to effectively and fairly manage the demand for places throughout our schools.”

The report also made it clear that the council will continue to work hard to tackle attempts to obtain a place in ERC schools by deception.

Director of Education Mhairi Shaw said: “Residents were very clear in their consultation feedback that they wanted to see further action regarding fraudulent attempts to gain places in ERC schools. Because our schools are so popular this is an issue.

“Any attempts to obtain a place by deception may result in the rescinding of a child’s place and the matter being passed to the Procurator Fiscal’s office for consideration of criminal proceedings.”

Placing requests must be submitted by January 31.