Liam’s a cop in the making

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ST CADOC’S pupil Liam Harvey welcomed two very special guests to his school last week after writing to Police Scotland chief constable Stephen House about life as an officer.

Liam (11) was sitting in his class when he spotted two mounted police officers come into the playground — and they were there for him!

Liam’s lifelong ambition is to become a member of the police and, in pursuit of that quest and to learn everything he could about the force, the P7 student wrote a letter to Scotland’s top police chief.

Liam interrogated the top cop in true policeman style, asking a few qustions such as what is it like being the chief constable of Scotland, what is the biggest police station in Scotland, how many people does Police Scotland arrest in a year and is there going to be another Police Open Day in Glasgow this year?

To Liam’s great pride, chief constable House wrote back to him and answered all his questions.

Not only that, he despatched community cop Alistair Lindsay, who is based at Eastwood High, to St Cadoc’s to give a powerpoint presentation on the duties of a police officer.

As an added surprise, he also arranged for two members of the mounted poice branch to canter along — but, ever shap, Liam spotted them from the classroom window.

PCs Jill Barton and Alan Gilbert brought Inverness and Arcadia to the school to meet the eager pupil and his classmates.

But the biggest surprise of the day was reserved for PC Lindsay, who was amazed at the breadth of knowledge displayed by Liam.

Not only was he able to recite the phonetic alphabet (taught by his granny), but he was also able to inform PC Lindsay that Scotland’s top poice dog was Ollie the collie from the Northern constabulary.

PC Lindsay commented: “He knows more about the polis than I do.

This is one young man who won’t have to seek advice from a careers guidance teacher when he is ready to leave school.”