Hillpark kids pay tribute to young Holocaust hero

PUPILS at Hillpark Secondary have been learning about the harrowing events of the Holocaust as part of a touring nationwide exhibition on the life of Anne Frank.

The Anne Frank Trust UK exhibition has been on display at the southside school for two weeks, detaling the story of the young Jewish writer who lived and died as the Nazis rose to power in 1930s Germany.

Hillpark ambassador Simran Kaur shares her knowledge on Anne Frank.

Hillpark ambassador Simran Kaur shares her knowledge on Anne Frank.

Hillpark classes and local primary groups are now clued up on Anne’s life — from going into hiding to life in the concentration camps — thanks to the school’s S1 and S2 ambassadors, trained to guide classmates around the exhibit.

Young ambassador Megan Gillon (13) told The Extra: “We were chosen because of how confident we were and how well we could speak.

“I find the annexe stories most interesting — the hiding. Anne and her family had to live there for two years and one month, and they would keep their food, clothes and books in the attic.”

Simran Kaur (also 13) added: “I didn’t know much about Anne Frank before I started, but now I know quite a lot.

“I think the most important thing to learn from her is not to discriminate against other people because they’re not the same as you.”

The exhibition holds particular signifcance for Hillpark pupil support assistant Pamela Livingston, as her father was a Holocaust survivor.

She explained: “He was born in Lodz in Poland, was brought up in the ghetto during the war, and was eventually moved to the camps.

“He was sent on a death march, but managed to escape because he befriended a German soldier.

“He wasn’t bitter, but he never forgot what happened.”

Pamela added: “I think it’s very important for kids to learn about it today. It’s something that should never be forgotten. Children are the future and they’re the ones who have to keep reminding people, so that it doesn’t happen again.”

The Trust tour is a result of Big Lottery funding, and each ambassador will receive a certificate for their contribution.