Flytippers stopping safe play?

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Parents at Netherlee Primary are up in arms with the council over an area blighted by flytipping next to the school gates.

The issue has been raised with East Renfrewshire Council by parents, the parent council and the school —each complaining that the growing pile of debris next to the primary one playground is an accident waiting to happen.

According to ERC, it’s the result of one resident renovating nearby — the council have told parents that due time must be given for the resident to clear waste.

But for mum-of-two Debby Biddles, others adding to the pile means enough is enough.

She told The Extra: “This started nearly two months ago, and since then there has been further flytipping, with people adding to the waste already there with food and other rubbish.

“Now we’re concerned about rodents as well as the screws and nails accessible to children from the playground.

“I can’t believe no one has been injured yet, and my worry is that it takes one of the children being hurt before it’s moved.”

It’s a concern echoed by Netherlee Parent Council, who believe that “a matter as serious as this should be higher up the pecking order”.

Chair Simon Cunningham said: “We fully understand that there are protocols that the council and environmental health have to follow, but would have hoped that, given the amount of calls, the close proximity to a primary school and the dangers posed, this matter could have been prioritised more.”

An ERC spokeswoman maintained that “there is no hazard to any school children” and that no waste has spilled onto the grounds of Netherlee Primary.

Following inquiries from The Extra, she added: “The person responsible for leaving this material requested an uplift which was carried out. They then put more material out and should have requested another uplift.

“They have now done this, and the cleansing team will be out to remove the material.”