Council under pressure to re-think nursery plan

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Pressure is rising on East Renfrewshire Council’s planning committee to consider an alternative proposal regarding a planned new nursery near Williamwood high school in Clarkston.

The committee will meet next week to consider their plans for the new nursery near the Newford Grove housing estate.

Residents agree that a nursery is necessary for the area.

However, they believe the proposed access site will cause problems and traffic snarl-ups whereas they claim there is a better and more acceptable access site on ground facing Bonnyton residential care home.

Resident Graeme Oswald is asking the council to hear his alternative solution regarding access and egress as well as trees, plant- and wildlife habitat.

He said: “The current proposal involves the removal of mature trees within Newford Grove estate.

“In recent weeks myself, and others within the estate, have noticed a considerable amount of bird and bat activity within these trees.

“The residents fully understand the need for a new nursery in the area, and understand that it comes with a price of losing Important Urban Greenspace, belonging to the community.

“I have, however, on three separate occasions, asked the council to re-consider the exact location of access, with no success.

“I have also asked for a meeting on site to discuss the alternative, and have been told that there is no value in having a meeting. Instead the council have responded by saying ‘In any case the council had already made it’s decision’.”

Mr Oswald will be presenting a petition to councillors prior to the planning committee meeting, with more than 200 signatures to underline the strength of feeling in the area that there is a better way to mitigate access to the nursery while having consideration for the residents, the nursery children’s parents and the richness of arbory and wildlife in the area that would give children real hands on and up-close experience of nature.