Cooking up a storm

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PUPILS from Giffnock Primary proved they can stand the heat in the kitchen at a visit to a neighbouring eatery recently.

The primary fives entered the world of work with a day at Andiamo’s on Fenwick Road, learning all about working in the food industry from manning the grill to laying the perfect table.

The budding young chefs also had a chance to create their own pizzas, and will now go on to design the Giffnock restaurant’s children’s menu, to be used by junior customers from now on.

Deputy head teacher Kirsty Rawley said: “We have been developing strong links with our local businesses and it really helps children experience the world of work.

“As well as being a fun and informative activity, they can use the experience they gain to look to the future and the skills they’ll need to acquire.

“We’d like to thank all the local businesses who have helped our children to see the world of work but also what a busy and vibrant place Giffnock is”.