Clarkston teen tackles Bear Grylls expedition

Tara with Chief Scout and survival expert, Bear Grylls.
Tara with Chief Scout and survival expert, Bear Grylls.

A Clarkston teenager has just had the experience of a lifetime with intrepid TV explorer and Chief Scout, Bear Grylls.

Tara Harcombe was one of only 10 people chosen from 4000 UK applicants to take part in the show and attend Bear Grylls survival school.

The televised programme will air on ITV and CITV this month in a 12 part series.

Tara, who lives at home with her dad John, who’s an engineer, teacher mum Maureen, sister Stroma (16)and brothers Anthony (11) and Jack (7) attends the local St Ninian’s High School in Giffnock.

Tara (14), had to give up her mobile phone on arrival in Snowdonia and was restricted to one five minute call home. And during the 
two-week survival course in
the rugged and foreboding mountains of Snowdonia the tenacious teen had to eat fish eyes and live locusts as well as learning how to skin a rabbit so she could survive in the wilderness!

But afterwards Tara explained how her experience was one of those things you only ever do once-in-a-lifetime.

She said: “Bear took our phones off us on the first day.

“The first night, we were split into boys and girls teams and Bear told us to camp in the wild with nothing apart from our backpacks and survival food which some decided not to eat – it’s disgusting.

“We had to make a shelter. We were cold and hungry that night.”

“Every day, there was a challenge. They were all tough. Some people found it more difficult than others.

“I was proud that I gave every
challenge 100 per cent and how well the girls worked together as a team.”

There were however some parts of the survivalist course which left tara wondering if she had done the right thing.

Tara said: “I was pretty scared abseiling 100ft down.

“When we had to jump into a deep dark abyss, I thought as I jumped, ‘I hope they know what they are doing and I don’t die’. I hated being cold and hungry, wet and tired.”

The programme airs on a Sunday morning at 8.30am on both ITV and CITV channels when Tara will feature.