Cheerio Lynsey - but could you fill her boots?

Farewell to Lynsey from 3rd Netherlee Brownie pack
Farewell to Lynsey from 3rd Netherlee Brownie pack

The 3rd Netherlee Brownies were sad to say good bye to one of the pack’s Assistant Leaders, Snowy Owl, Lynsey Turnbull last week.

Brownie Guide Leader Jane Cowan said: “Lynsey has been a terrific asset to our team. She is an excellent role model to the Brownies, being young, working full time and having a busy social life, she has still found time to volunteer. “The Brownies loved working with her and it was good for them to realise that she is moving on for her career. That let’s them see a glimpse into a young adult’s life’.”

Lynsey said: “Working in Guiding has been good for me personally both in terms of my occupation and personal development, but most of all, when you have a serious career it’s great to have some ‘serious’ fun each week.”

Jane conrinued: “Of course, that means there is now an exciting space for someone to fill and during National Volunteer Week, we would welcome more people to come forward. They can find out about volunteering in Guiding by going having a browse of our website at: We would very much love to hear from you.

“So it’s farewell to Lynsey but hello to You!”