* About time for school gate campaign

School crossing.
School crossing.

CAMPUS cops across East Renfrewshire are joining forces for a month of action at the school gates — and it’s a welcome measure for some Extra readers.

As reported last week, campus officers, police and community wardens will be patrolling primary schools to “educate and influence safer driving and parking”.

The move follows complaints about driving on the school run, as well as an incident at Williamwood High in December, in which a 16-year-old girl was hit by a car.

Police constable Christy-Lee McDowall told The Extra: “The action plan is an attempt to avoid having to deliver bad news to a parent.

“Please consider your own children, and how you would feel if someone else parked or drove in a manner which put them in danger.”

Last week’s story provoked comments on The Extra’s Facebook page, with Wendy Ross commenting: “How about slowing mad drivers down on Alloway Drive? Parents take shortcuts to get kids to Mearns Castle and Kirkhill Primary and my daughter isn’t safe to cross the road — do something about that!”

Sheonagh Beaton highlighted problems at Eastwood High, added: “I’ve seen kids getting out of cars while the car is still moving.”

Angela Weldon told The Extra: “All schools have this problem — inconsiderate parents who risk the lives of children all because they’re too lazy to park safely and walk a short distance.”

And Lorna Buchan agreed, commenting: “It would be good if the police weren’t so obvious with their presence. As soon as they are seen in their uniform and high vis jacket the repeat offenders (funnily enough) don’t offend that day. Then it’s back to the usual chaos the next day!”

PC McDowall added: “People are in a rush to get the kids to school and they drive erratically, or aren’t considerate when parking their cars.

“The parents we’ve spoken to so far are genuinely embarrassed when it’s pointed out to them.”