A radiating experience

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It is not every day that school uniform involves radiation suits and Geiger counters.

But that’s what third year pupils from St Ninians and Eastwood got a chance to do recently.

Secondary school children were invited to a special Radiation Protection event to learn more about nuclear science.

The event, held at the SECC, was an opportunity for the pupils to learn about all things atomic and radioactive, along with future career options.

The budding scientists were treated to interactive attractions that varied from radioactive detection to investigating crime scenes using the latest technologies.

Atomic intrigue and nuclear fascination came courtesy of the Society of Radiological Protection (SRP).

A charity organised to provide accessible information on protection and safety, the SRP aim to provide in-depth knowledge on all things radioactive as well as incorporating the latest information for those out with the scientific community.

Designed to promote careers in radiation protection, schools from all over Scotland were in attendance.

Speaking in a special lecture, Professor Peter Marsden, head of physics at University College London hospital NHS Trust, hoped that by reaching out to a younger generation, the future of the industry would continue to thrive.

His talk proved popular amongst the East Renfrewshire pupils’ minds, many now considering a career option they had perhaps overlooked before.