Eco garden trashed

Disappointed children in their garden.
Disappointed children in their garden.

MINDLESS vandals have trashed a primary’s garden – but that’s not stopped pupils gaining Green Flag status for the school.

Dejected staff and pupils at Thornliebank primary were distraught when they came into school on Monday to find property and garden planters were victims in the latest attack.

Thornliebank primary secured its Green Flag status.

Thornliebank primary secured its Green Flag status.

Anti-social behaviour has affected both the school and surrounding residents who have been on the receiving end from itinerant youths since April.

Eco co-ordinator Jean Culley told The Extra: “We have tried so hard to make our school playground a fun and attractive place to play and learn for all our pupils.

“The garden gang have been learning how to cultivate a garden and were very proud of their results. This has upset the children but we are determined not to let it get us down.

“The trouble began at the beginning of the summer months. We had problems with people coming into the garden and using the hedges and trees as a way to disguise their smoking and drug taking.

“So we had to cut them down and shut the multi-use games facility. Their response was to then superglue the lock so we couldn’t get in”.

Every plant had been uprooted in the school garden when youngsters came in on Monday.

The primary four’s garden gang were particularly saddened to find all their hard work weeding and planting had been undone in the weekend of disorder.

Murray Tighe from the club said: “We want to ask people to not vandalise our garden because it makes us all upset”.

Fellow classmate Megan Hastie added: “I felt annoyed because we did all the hard work and people are not appreciating it”.

But the school’s hard work in its garden has not gone unrecognised as it has been awarded Eco Schools Scotland Green Flag status.

Headteacher Maria Speirs said: “We’re absolutely delighted to end our school year on such a high point.

“The eco committee has worked relentlessly to achieve this but everyone in school has played their part”.

Constable Marion McCallum is a campus cop at Woodfarm high school and is working with pupils, parents and staff.

She is highlighting the dangers of climbing over railings and the effects of being involved with vandalism.

A Strathclyde police spokeswoman added: “Unfortunately in the summer months these incidents spike.

“Security has been increased around the school and surrounding area. We have also set up extra patrols to give the area extra attention and deter vandals”.