Eating out: mastering the art of homemade sushi

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WINING and dining in the name of food journalism is all well and good — but this week, we at Extra Towers decided it was time for a change.

And so I made my way to Giffnock, and Whole Foods, to make my own dinner for a change.

Having dabbled in the art of sushi-making before, I know a little; my wasabi from my nose, for instance (a dangerous combination together), and how to wrap my mitts around chopsticks.

But there’s more to this one hour workshop than the fail-safe cucumber maki — although it’s in there too — and an impressive Genji chef will have you slicing your own complicated creations in no time (albeit not as skillfully).

It’s a small group of six — designed to give you as close a guide as possible — and all the equipment is provided (not to mention copious amounts of rice, nori, prawn and veg).

We started with small rolls filled with either cucumber or mango (or all mango in my case — cucumber and I don’t get along). First lesson learned: mango, rice and seaweed go together very well indeed.

We moved on to the California rolls next; a daunting combination of rice on the outside, nori on the inside and prawn, avocado and cucumber again.

I was particularly proud of these (misshapen though they may have been) and will be trying the technique again and again — making that worthwhile lesson number two.

Last up was the even-scarier triple roll — a mango and carrot-filled mammoth bite. These look really impressive, and I’ll be wheeling them out for friends to ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ over at the next opportunity.

After that, we were on our own, using up what was left to create our own weird and occasionally wonderful sushi.

The class is £15, which might sound a little steep for an hour — but with as much sushi as you can make in that time, it’s well worth booking.

I left with a sizeable pile for dinner, breakfast,lunch and snacks in between (what? It’s good for you!) — not to mention some impressive yet manageable sushi-making skills to show off with.

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