Eating out: jock of all trades

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YES, this may be a southside paper, but that doesn’t mean we have to ignore all other culinary delights this great city has to offer.

For our second restaurant review, I ventured somewhere that can only be described as a westend institution.

Roastit Bubbly Jocks is a contemporary Scottish eatery on Partick’s Dumbarton Road.

While I do have foodie tendencies and undoubtedly appreciate a fine meal, I have no time whatsoever for being charged over the odds for tiny portions, no matter how well presented or delicious.

Roastit Bubbly Jocks quite comfortably caters to both sides of the coin, offering fine food and big portions.

To start, I went with pan-seared scallops with Stornaway black pudding. At this point, I highly doubt whether there is a restaurant in the westend that doesn’t serve this combination, but that doesn’t stop it being delicious. Sometimes, you just cannot argue with an old favourite.

Speaking of old favourites, for my main course, I opted for the Sunday roast – it was a Sunday after all and I had not had a Sunday roast in far too long.

The beef was perfectly cooked and it came with enough trimmings to make even me (I’m not sure if I mentioned but I am quite a big eater) eschew the offer of dessert.

No longer is it the case that the westend’s best restaurants are in the heart of Byres Road — instead, now it is the surrounding areas where the gems can be found.

Partick, like Finnieston, with restaurants such as Velvet Elvis and Bibi’s, is where discerning foodies are most likely to be found.

That is in no small part thanks to the impact a restaurant such as Roastit Bubbly Jocks can have to ignite an area, much like Argyle Street’s Crab Shaak did for Finnieston.

It is good old Scottish fare with a twist — a must for the less pretentious foodie out there.