Eating Out: buffet offers the world on a plate

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WHERE to start? When it comes to Cook & Indi’s World Buffet, it’s hard to tell.

The Darnley restaurant — one of several around Glasgow — is an around the world food trip, all served under one roof, all-you-can-eat style.

The restaurant itself is vast, with three seating levels and nooks and crannies galore — and that’s before you get to the buffet itself.

A twisting cave of cuisines, it’s hard to know where to begin when you have a choice of Indian, Chinese, sushi, Thai, Italian and traditional carvery — as well as a section dedicated to younger diners (smiley faces and nuggets galore).

Then again, there is a starter section — a wide variety of the usual Indian delights and a few twists, as well as a healthy array of salads. Spicy mushrooms were a delight, as were crunchy pieces of green leaf pakora (I’ve yet to figure out what the leaf was, but it was tasty nonetheless).

On to a sampler plate of Indian mains, which would prove to be the best of the bunch. The range was particularly impressive, and far exceeded the usual staples; paneer butter masala and a fish curry stood out, but a lamb bhuna and chickpea dish were also great.

From here, the other half and I opted to divide and conquer; I gravitated towards the sushi and he opted for a slice of pizza and macaroni cheese — the creamy, oozing pasta receiving a big nod of approval across the table.

The sushi was good; fresh, with ample helpings of ginger and wasabi. A yellow Thai curry was less inviting — the veggies were a tad overdone — but a few oriental sides (spring rolls for one) made up for it.

If you have room, there’s a dessert section too — complete with a chocolate fountain to entice the children, inner or otherwise. We couldn’t resist a few dipped marshmallows, but after bitesize pieces of cake, (chocolate, creamy eclair, fruity name it) we were forced to admit defeat.

World Buffet may not be the fanciest dining in town, but it’s a clever set up — family favourites under one roof, ensuring that everyone, from the fussiest youngster to your spice-phobic granny, will find something (and lots of it) to enjoy.

Rating: 8/10

Cook & Indi’s World Buffet

500 Corselet Road


G53 7RN

Tel: 0141 876 0458