Eating out: a little diamond in the rough

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SOUTH street in Whiteinch is filled with scrap yards and warehouses — probably the last place you would head for a meal out.

Yet, hidden away is one of the finest tapas restaurants Glasgow has to offer.

In an unassuming, converted industrial unit, you’ll find La Bodega, a tapas restaurant right next door to dance school Dance with 

There, patrons can fuel up after a samba session or a flamenco flurry on delicious Spanish staple dishes.

The service is a little frantic to say the least. We ordered six tapas and got five — one of which was the wrong one.

However, the staff were also very friendly and it didn’t really matter — as the five dishes we did receive were both delicious and ample.

Of the tapas, my favourite was boquerones fritos; deep fried whitebait in batter or, as described by our waiter, “fish chips” — salty, crispy and addictive.

The estofado — a Mediterranean style beef stew with vegetables and fresh herbs —was deliciously tender, and the fried chorizo, while a little on the oily side, was also extremely tasty.

I also couldn’t get enough of calares a la romana; deep fried squid rings in a light batter.

As well as the tapas menu, there’s a Bocadilos (sandwich to you or I) menu which has a number of traditional Spanish options to choose from.

Since Pinxto on Dumbarton Road closed (now the New York Kitchen) there has been a clear gap in the market for traditional, authentic, Spanish cuisine.

You might have to wait a while for your meal at La Bodega, and when it comes, you might not get what you ordered — but that just adds to the charm.

So next time you’re dropping off some scrap metal, or browsing a car show room on South Street, be sure to stop off.

Rating: 7/10

La Bodega Tapas Bar

1120 South Street


G14 0AP

Tel: 0141 581 3401