East Renfrewshire honour Merchant Navy Day

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The annual Merchant Navy Day flag raising was held yesterday (Monday, September 3) at the East Renfrewshire Council Headquarters.

East Renfrewshire Provost Jim Fletcher raised the Red Ensign in Eastwood Park, Giffnock, to give thanks to the men and women who served in the Merchant Navy during both World Wars and celebrate the UK’s dependence on modern day merchant seafarers.

The Provost was joined by the Lord Lieutenant for Renfrewshire, Guy Clark, and retired members of the Merchant Navy. Among these men was Mr Eddie Leadbetter, who was recently awarded the Arctic Star for his work on the Arctic Convoys during World War Two.

Provost Jim Fletcher said: “This is an incredibly important ceremony that we must show our support for.

“The 3rd of September is a significant date in the history of the Merchant Navy and Britain, as it marks the beginning of the Second World War. Without the brave men and women of the Merchant Navy during the World Wars, the UK would not have been able to survive and defend ourselves to the ability that we did and we also must give our appreciation to modern day seafarers are they are responsible for 95% of the UK’s imports.

“We must give thanks to everyone that has ever served in the Merchant Navy for their passion, determination and sacrifice as we would not be the country we are today without these incredible men and women.”