East Ren says no to cold callers

Trading standards and police officers are warning against cold callers.
Trading standards and police officers are warning against cold callers.

EAST Renfrewshire people are backing the council’s No Cold Calling campaign.

Fed-up residents swamped trading standards and community police officers for stickers and information about how to avoid scams and unwanted sales calls.

The council report a very positive feedback based upon the numbers who sought out the information, particularly when they visited the Avenue shopping centre.

The No Cold Calling pack is also available from council offices, receptions, libraries, public swimming pools and police offices.

Senior trading standards officer Paul Holland said: “Many residents simply don’t want uninvited strangers at their door for a host of reasons and they have the right to say no.

“The display of the sticker allows them to make that choice and clearly conveys that message to the unwanted commercial caller.

“It is a criminal offence to ignore the notice and we will take action where appropriate”.

Community police officer Susan Gillon, based at Giffnock police office, said: “I would encourage all residents who don’t like to be disturbed by salesmen to display their ‘No Cold Calling’ stickers.

“It’s important for people to remember that it is their doorstep and they have the right to say no to any goods or services being offered”.

Community services convener councillor Mary Montatgue said: “It’s great news that residents have embraced this excellent campaign.

“I would encourage people to get a hold of one of these stickers and display it to let unwanted, cold callers know they are not welcome”.

Cold calling is key to scamsters who want access to people’s homes.

Many conmen show up pretending to be from an agency which is doing repairs in the area.

Here are some tips on employing reputable tradesmen from the council’s trading standards team:

1 Ask friends and family for recommendations.

2 Don’t employ workmen who chap at your door or deliver leaflets unless you check their trading background. Make sure they have a confirmed address and a landline number.

3 Get quotes detailing work to be carried out.

4 Don’t pay up front. It is reasonable to pay in stages or on completion of the job.

5 Check if guarantees are insurance backed.

6 Avoid paying cash, cheques give you proof of payment. Credit cards give you the added protection of claiming against the provider if the trader goes bust.

7 Get receipts.

8 Don’t pay if you’re unhappy with the workmanship, trading standards may be able to put you in touch with an independent expert to examine the job.