East Ren residents are happy to be here

EAST Renfrewshire is one of the happiest places in the UK for its residents, new survey estimates from the office of national statistics show.

When asked if they were satisfied overall with their life, East Ren residents scored on average 7.48 out of 10, which is above the UK national average of 7.41.

When quizzed on how worthwhile they believe the things they do with their life are, citizens answered with an average of 7.75, which was again above both the Scottish mean and the UK average.

These estimates come as part of the ONS national wellbeing survey, which aims to analyse the nation’s wellbeing as a whole by evaluating the wellbeing of individuals across the UK.

Conservative councillor Jim Swift sees the figures as a boost for East Renfrewshire.

He told The Extra: “If you compare these values with Glasgow, Renfrewshire and South Lanarkshire, ER residents’ results are much better, which merely suggests that people living here are more resilient, optimistic and less anxious than our neighbours”.