East Ren plans to bin those recycling bags

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Recycling bins could be just around the corner after repeated calls from East Renfrewshire residents — and it’s welcome news for many.

Proposals to improve the way household waste is collected were presented to East Ren councillors last week, ahead of a March budget meeting.

If approved, the changes will mean substituting recycling bags in favour of bins — a measure called for in a petition launched in 2014, and echoed in The Extra in January last year, when the Facebook page Get East Renfrewshire Recycling Bins gained more than 2,500 followers.

Announcing plans for a recycling overhaul, an ERC spokeswoman said:”Under the proposals, households will receive two new bins, one for paper, cardboard and cartons and the second for plastics, glass and cans. Kerbside cardboard and carton recycling are also being introduced.”

Plans also include a change in the frequency of collections, with each bin collected once every three weeks, apart from brown bins for food and garden waste, which would remain weekly.

The spokeswoman added: “As it will be easier for people to recycle much more of their waste, there will be a reduction in the amount of rubbish disposed of in grey bins, meaning they will need to be collected less often.”

It’s welcome news on The Extra’s Facebook page, where Jane Guthrie-tate commented: “High winds mean I have not recycled on the pavement for a year — I’m glad thought is now being given to this problem, which could have resulted in serious injury to pedestrians and cars, not to mention the gardens full of other people’s waste.”

Faye Johnstone agreed: “At last they have seen sense”, but added: “Not sure why they have changed the collection of the grey bin? Sneaky slipping that in on the back of the change from bags to bins!”

Trish Gordon said: “Bins are vital, however changing the frequency of collection may lead to issues. My concern is around additional waste and rodents — also the smell.”

If funding is approved for the new bins, a public engagement process will follow.

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