East Ren Petrol pumps make the grade

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TRADING standards officers have been checking fuel pumps across East Renfrewshire in a bid to ensure that motorists aren’t short-changed.

After a number of complaints on the issue, the council team visited nine filling stations and checked 190 pumps – and found that none were dispensing below the legal limit.

Principal trading standards officer Steve Fox said: “We appreciate that residents are concerned about the price of fuel.

“We can’t do anything about the price, but we can offer the assurance that pumps in the area are delivering within the permitted tolerances”.

Each pump in East Ren has been fitted with a tamper-proof seal, to prevent fraud, and trading standards check this seal, as well as calculating whether the price shown matches the petrol dispensed.

Steve added: “Our officers regularly check pumps. It’s a rather unpleasant but necessary task, during which we also monitor safety and ensure that prices are not misleading.

“We have recently received a number of complaints from resident who were concerned about petrol measure related matters – what appeared to be a fall in their miles per gallon, a lack of fill being registered on the fuel gauge and that their available mileage displays did not reflect that fuel had been added to their tanks.

“We’d like to assure drivers that our checks confirm that petrol pumps in East Renfrewshire are dispensing accurately”.